This tool is for preparing and reviewing your monitoring and evaluation of public engagement.

The three overarching good practices below are intended as an all-encompassing approach to the monitoring and measurement of your organization’s public engagement strategy. While every checklist point stands as its own toolkit module, they are each only one intrinsic part of this whole monitoring and evaluation system.

This checklist tool is offered as a summary document that can help you and your organization determine where the gaps are in your current practice of evaluating and monitoring public engagement.

A. Develop a theory of change

  • Clearly articulate your vision, goals and desired outcomes
  • Involve a variety of stakeholders in articulating your beliefs about change
  • Know your target audience’s current level of engagement
  • Be a learning organization
  • Use the reflection questions for developing a theory of change


B. Embed monitoring & evaluation in each stage of your public engagement plan

  • Define the scope of your activities
  • Identify your target audience
  • Evaluate your evaluation regularly
  • Use the reflection questions for embedding monitoring & evaluation


C. Ensure your whole organization supports and benefits from monitoring & evaluation

  • Ensure that sufficient resources are available to support monitoring &
  • evaluation
  • Take a long-term view when monitoring & evaluating public engagement
  • Use an anti-oppressive lens in designing your monitoring & evaluation
  • Use the reflection questions for ensuring organizational support and benefit