Making time to discuss and raise awareness about gender equality

Gender equality is a shared responsibility. Everyone involved (volunteers, employees, etc.) should feel responsible for ensuring that gender equality gets integrated into the public engagement project and should convey messages that promote equality between women and men.

If project leaders are open and respectful about gender equality, all stakeholders will be inspired. Demonstrate your leadership and commitment to gender equality.

Project leaders should identify opportunities (such as teams meetings) to discuss gender equality with volunteers, allies and partners at different stages of the project. For example you can organize a training session or a discussion on the topic. For more ideas and additional resources, consult the AQOCI training kit Promoting Gender Equality from Theory to Practice.

Choosing partners with expertise in gender equality

If you don’t feel sufficiently versed in women’s rights and gender equality, identify civil society partners who can support or train you. Give preference to civil society organizations that have a proven track record working on gender equality. These organizations are listed on provincial council websites (such as AQOCI’s Comité québécois femmes et développement) and on CCIC’s website. You can also reach out to women’s rights organizations in your province.