There is, more often than not, a connection between arts-based approaches and social media for public engagement. Often campaigns will have produced some kind of logo, symbol, or tool that acts as a quick visual reminder of messaging or cause/purpose. For example, the white wristband was internationally known as the symbol of the global fight to end poverty for the Make Poverty History awareness campaign, just as MADD Canada’s Red Ribbon is a symbol of the efforts to stop impaired driving. Using art as a creative expression to illuminate pressing global issues and then distribute that message contributes to effective marketing of an issue.

Art is part of our culture and shapes our values as a society. We need art that aligns with social change ideals and objectives. Art builds healthy, economically vibrant, inclusive, creative communities that promote citizen engagement. 

An arts-based approach to youth engagement is effective for engaging a broader spectrum of youth. Using art and creativity as the medium for showing understanding, experience, and perspective offers a unique opportunity for youth from various socio-economic statuses and backgrounds to access and connect with specific issues. Creative methods of engaging have shown, over time, to be fun and effective.