Note that many of these resources are not focused on public engagement, but are intended as helpful tools for public engagement practitioners to adapt for their own projects and programs.

1. Better Evaluation Website
An international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory by sharing information about options (methods or tools) and approaches

2. Integrated Monitoring: A Practical Manual for Organisations That Want to Achieve Results
A user-friendly guide to monitoring and evaluation for non-profits. Note – there are several language variations to choose from on this webpage.

3. Review of Best Practices in Public Engagement Measurement
Research pulled together by One World Inc. consultants in the summer of 2012 for Aga Khan Foundation Canada.

4. Approaches to Measuring: Community Change Indicators
Assembled by Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement, 2010. The measurement summaries and annotated lists in this document act as a starting point for exploring different measurement approaches. These approaches can also aid in developing further conversations about measurement tools and techniques employed by organizations that measure community change efforts.

5. Retrospective “post-then-pre” question design
A useful technique for measuring change over time.

6. A primer to developmental evaluation
Developmental evaluation applies to an ongoing process of innovation in which both the path and the destination are evolving. Includes a checklist for assessing who makes a good evaluator and the skills they should have (pages 37-45).

7. Project Evaluation Guide for Nonprofit Organizations
An excellent guide developed by Imagine Canada to assist non-profits “to conduct precise and appropriate project evaluations, and then communicate and use the results effectively.” While not focused specifically on public engagement, the guide takes one through the language, tools, and steps of evaluation.