UK Public Engagement Toolkit website
Interested in Public Engagement? Want to know what it is and why it matters? Check out this online toolkit from the UK that lists case studies, methods of engagement, tools, training and much more, from a higher education and research point of view.

CCIC Code of Ethics- Operational Standards
This Code of Ethics sets out the basic ethical principles that CCIC (Canadian Council for International Cooperation) and its Member Organizations must accept and promote. It’s a good list of ethics and operational standards to strive toward.

Istanbul Principle 6: “Pursue equitable partnerships and solidarity”
Listing the definition of this principle along with resources, examples and guiding questions to fulfill it, the Istanbul Principles for CSO (civil service organizations) Development Effectiveness are a set of mutually shared values guiding the development work of CSOs worldwide.

The CSO Development Effectiveness Web Portal is an open online platform where civil society practitioners interested in and working towards improving the impact of their work can access and share tools, resources and case studies with others also working on improving their effectiveness.

VSO and Programme Partnerships
The VSO and Programme Partnerships outlines VSO’s approach to working with organisations in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, showing how, why and with whom VSO forms partnerships and sets out a set of core shared principles.

VSO’s Path of Partnership – Our People First Strategy (2016)
This resource on partnership (designed with the VSO Core Principles of Partnership in mind) is designed to provide a framework for planning, implementing and reviewing VSO’s work with partners to advance their progress towards the programme area plan objectives. It provides a great list of principles of partnership that can be used as examples.