The following statement, from the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, can be adapted for use within your activities, programs, or projects.


We as participants, agree that everyone here has equal value.

Harassment divides groups

Racism, sexism, and other forms of harassment pit groups of workers against one another and divide groups. Division undermines our struggle for social and economic justice.

Harassment hurts people

Racist, sexist, ethnic and homophobic remarks and graffiti create unease and stress among people. Victims of the remarks never know what other forms of harassment this will lead to.

When a joke is not a joke

Racial, ethnic, sexist and homophobic jokes originated in times when groups of people were socially under attack and lacked the power to respond effectively. These jokes are a reminder of this history. They can create an environment where more serious forms of discrimination and abuse can happen.

Equality and solidarity

We must all work together to advance the cause of social and environmental justice. Harassment divides us. It has no place at this event. As sisters and brothers we will not make comments or gestures, or commit any acts that are humiliating or derogatory, or cause a delegate to feel uncomfortable.

We declare this a harassment-free event, and encourage participants to challenge issues, not individuals.

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