University may be the first time people are engaged in social change, and so participants need to be reminded how much space they are taking up in the group. Men need to make sure they are not speaking much more than women and that ideas are being contributed from everyone. Childcare and child-friendly spaces should also be a consideration to ensure the inclusion of women, who are often the primary caregivers.

When organizing on campus, it is important to include people from a variety of faculties and departments. Faculties that are dominated by men (Engineering, Science, etc.) are often less involved in social change work. Intentional recruitment and engagement from these groups, which are often dominated by men, can help mitigate this imbalance.

It is also important to look at the diversity of leaders and role models on campus. Is there a gender balance among guest speakers and lecturers your group brings in? Is there a visible gender balance among organizational leaders? Are good role models provided?