When you take a narrowly focused charitable approach to education for global citizenship, the outcomes with your students may be very similar to the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of a fundraiser.

KSAs of Fundraising

Knowledge and understandingSkillsValues and attitudes
Math and financial literacyBusiness ethicsFinancial empowerment

Product salesCustomer serviceTracking orders/record keepingTime managementHandling moneyDelivering goodsSmilingMaking eye contactUsing clear direct speechPresentation skillsTalking about a cause/passionMarketingAdvertisingPromotionsHaving a positive attitudeTeamworkCompetitionPersonal rewardTalking about a cause/passionMoney as sole determiner of wealth


When financial aid is coupled with a variety of different educational and participatory learning experiences that challenge existing stereotypes and compel critical thought in students, the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes may closer resemble that of a global citizen.

KSAs of Global Citizenship Education

Knowledge and understandingSkillsValues and attitudes
Social justice and equityDiversityGlobalization and interdeprendenceSustainable developmentPeace and conflict

Critical thinkingAbility to argue effectivelyAbility to challenge injustice and inequalitiesRespect for people and thingsCo-operation and conflict resolutionSense of identity and self-esteemEmpathyCommitment to social justice and equityValue and respect for diversityConcern for the environment and commitment to sustainable developmentBelief that people can make a difference

Reflection questions:

  • How do these two differ? What implications do these have for how you will construct your partnership?
  • What are the benefits to moving beyond ‘fundraiser’ outcomes toward ‘global citizenship’ outcomes?
  • How might you change your approach to better reflect and achieve the KSA’s of global citizenship education?
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