Consider the main ways your organization engages youth.

  1. How does your youth engagement programming translate into changed behaviour?
  2. How does your organization sustain youth engagement? (Short-term, medium-term, and throughout their adulthood?)
  3. How will youth engagement affect participants as adults?
  4. What is the intended impact (after 10 years) of your youth engagement?
  5. When planning youth engagement programs, how can you incorporate art, social media, or self-care?
  6. Can your programming foster cross-generational support and initiatives?
  7. How does your programming appeal to and engage diverse groups of youth: rural, at-risk, at-promise, on-reserve, under-engaged?
  8. What kind of programming would you implement to engage youth?
  9. What youth engagement practices does/will your organization employ to effectively engage youth?
  10. How can incorporating an anti-oppressive lens improve the quality of your youth engagement?
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