Reflection questions for students and teachers:

  • What are your motivations in establishing the partnership? What are the motivations of your partner organization?
  • Do the values, goals, and practices of the organization align with the values, goals, and vision of your school?
  • Have you researched the organization’s policies, programs and organizational history? What do other people have to say about this organization?
  • Does the organization adhere to the Istanbul Principles? (Don’t know what the Istanbul Principles are? Find out here.)
  • Does the organization embody gender equality and equity while promoting women’s and girls’ rights?
  • How will accumulated finances and resources be used?
  • What does each partner contribute to this relationship? Is it reciprocal?
  • What does this partnership offer you and your students in return for your time and resources?
  • If children from overseas are involved, how will they benefit from this partnership?
  • Who is benefitting from this partnership?

Reflection questions for teachers:

  • What do you hope your students will learn and how does this project or partnership foster and enhance that learning?
  • Is this a long-term partnership or short-term initiative? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? How will this affect your learning outcomes?
  • Does this project primarily support and exemplify mutual reciprocity, or a charitable exchange? What is the difference, and how does each of those impact your partners?
  • Have you explored the difference between charity and reciprocity with your students?
  • Are there mechanisms in place to ensure financial and social accountability for both you and your partner?
  • In what ways does the partnership support critical reflection in your students?
  • In what ways do you anticipate that the partnership will promote agency among students in relation to international development and global citizenship?
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