What is Theory of Change? (Center for Theory of Change, 2016)

The Community Builder’s Approach to the Theory of Change: A Practical Guide to Theory Development, Andrea A. Anderson, Ph.D., The Aspen Institute, Roundtable on Community Change
A comprehensive guide to facilitating a process to develop a Theory of Change for community organizations.

Theory of Change, Guided Example: Project Superwoman, ActKnowledge and Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change.
An example of a theory of change for a community development capacity building project, which shows the development of the theory, and illustrates key principles.

Resources in French:

Théorie du changement, UNICEF

Fiche CdP « Genre en pratique » La théorie du changement : approche réussie pour intégrer le genre
Étude de cas – PACE : Partnership for Cross-Sectoral Engagement

Repères sur les théories du changement, Des ressources pour l’évaluation, Des repères pour l’action